So, it wasn't scabies as far as we can tell. We've treated the house and him twice. There has not been any improvement really. It...


So, it wasn't scabies as far as we can tell. We've treated the house and him twice. There has not been any improvement really. It may be an allergic reaction to something but we can't get it narrowed down. Oh it's frustrating.

Then my sister-in-law called me a week later to inform me that our niece caught lice from another kid and since Freddy and Aurora played together I needed to check him too. I was horrified and grossed out for realz. I did check him, looked up pictures on the internet, and even had a dear friend at work check me out for them. I have basically been itching for three weeks out of sheer paranoia!!

Anerways, that's all I had to finish the story on that. What else...oh I remember.

Baby food making has been going extremely well. I realized that I never really updated about that. I'll make a little list of the things I've made.

Apple (Now I just buy the no sugar added apple sauce, way easier and it tastes better. There are also several brands with extra calcium and vitamin C)

Peaches- YUM!! I just sliced them and steamed then and then the skins come right off before tossing them in the food chopper

Mangoes- I don't think I cooked these...I mixed some chunks of it with banana and it took a minute before she liked it. Mango is a very pungent fruit when it's ripe.

Bananas- The frozen cubes are great for teething, I just put them in the gross mesh thingy

Pears- She's not so much on the consistency of these, and they are a pain for little output

Green Beans - These don't get all smooth or anything, but it doesn't matter. I've used frozen and canned w/no salt added. The frozen ones can be very rubbery

Peas - These also don't get really smooth, I just kept adding liquid. Now Miss Addie can pick them up individually and munch on them.

Squash - I just peel, chop, and steam. She loves squash and the seeds come right out in the poo so no biggie!

Sweet Potatoes - I cook these in the microwave...shhhhh!!!

Carrots - The best carrots are fresh, but they take FOREVER to get cooked down when you steam them. It's worth it though because they stay sweet and yummy. When I don't have time though, I go for the canned variety with no salt added. The only place I found these was Kroger in a tiny little can. The frozen are fine, but they don't get as smooth in the chopper, so maybe wait until you're ready for lumps and chunks.

Avacado- She liked it, but they are too expensive to get very often! These I just cut open, scooped out, and mashed up. No cooking, yay!

Chicken and dumplins' - I took our chicken and dumplins mixture before I added any salt and ground it all up. She was likin it!

Roast w/potatoes & carrots - I felt like a bad mother for all the sodium in this. I was just out of anything else so I mushed up the veggies from the bottom of the crock pot and she loved it. Her poo was so gross, because it smelled exactly like it did going in. It was weird!

Barley w/apples - I got a box of this on sale for like .49 and 3/4 of a cup makes a huge portion. I cooked it, then ground it up and added a teensy pinch of brown sugar and some cooked apples. I shouldn't have added the sugar but I kind of hoped Freddy may want to eat some of it. He didn't! ;) Anyway, it has the texture of grits and oatmeal combined but it is pretty tasty. Addie loves it, but I think she's had a mild allergic reaction so we're going to hold off for awhile on that.

Of course, she's had the baby cereals and a few jars of store bought baby food. She's had some prunes and peaches and I'm sure I'll rely on it again at some point. It's been fun making her food, but I will say that travel is difficult. People don't always love frozen squares of whirlled peas in the freezer! So, I've bought some baby food jars for trips. I feel like I'm saving money, and maybe one day I'll actually look at the cost. I would also totally recommend the KitchenAid Food Chopper. I find a reason to use it almost every day. I would like a second base, lid, and blade because it's constantly in and out of the dishwasher. It cuts up meat like a breeze so I did pulled pork in there, chicken for quesadillas, and bacon to crumble for a pasta meal. It's awesome.

I think next week we're going to try yogurt then move on to some cheese. She's getting so good at picking stuff up too. She eats those puffs like a pro, Kix cereal, and her peas. I'm just worried about the breads and bigger finger foods, any advice? I've heard bagels are good to start with.

Did I mention that she's crawling??? ;) She's been doin' the army scoot for a couple of months now, but she crawled her first real steps on Jason's birthday which was September 6th. She's a real pro, but when she can't move fast enough she reverts to the army crawl! :) My camera's still busted but I did get a video I'll try and post soon.


ainmemphis said...

Excellent post! I am going to have to print this out and put it in with my "baby cookbook" so that in a few months when I am ready to start this adventure I will remember all you tried. Sorry about the ichiness!

Rachel said...

Dang...well if it makes you feel better..I get bite at night by mosquitoes (Arkansas jumbo size), ants, and fleas...guess I should clean because Egypt is a clean city..I'm just messy!

I miss you you you you you!!

Rachel said...

Ummmm.. video, addie crawling, new post...ummm soon????!!??!?!

miss miss miss you!