No, I'm not pregnant! ;) I am, however, an official, work from home mom!!! I need to come up with some ridiculous acronymn for myself...


No, I'm not pregnant! ;)

I am, however, an official, work from home mom!!! I need to come up with some ridiculous acronymn for myself. I'm sure that WFHM is used, but I want something awesome. Anyway, that's beside the point of my wonderful news.

I started this journey several months ago when I thought I would be leaving my current job to work part time for an online tutoring site. However, this opportunity came up for me to do my current job from home and stay with the same agency. I was absolutely thrilled because I LOVE MY JOB and the people and I absolutely believe in what we do as an agency. It seems rare to find such a thing and I was very apprehensive to leave it. After a few months of deliberation, planning, and ironing out kinks, we started our trial period this past Monday. I am just working part time, if 30 hours plus caring for two kids can be considered "part time!" The bummer is that I lost my health insurance but I can apply for some private insurance providers if they don't deny me due to PCOS or anything like that. We don't come out too much better financially after paying insurance and childcare twice a month when I have to go out to campus (work). Freddy will still go to daycare one day a week also, he'd be so sad without his friends and he can start pre-k at our local elementary school next August! So, I think it's important for him to continue that routine and for the social stimulation.

The financial part is nothing compared to our emotional well being at this point though. We share a car, so we were getting up three snooze buttons after 5:00 am, getting the kids up way early, taking them to daycare, then Jason driving me 15 minutes to work, and then driving himself 45 more across town. Then he left right after school to get me, then the kids, we weren't home until almost 6, and right after dinner, the kids were off to bed and Jason was off to grade papers and tests, oh my! We hardly saw each other, the gas was getting insane, and we were testy all the time. I know this is a very common routine and millions of families do this, but we just couldn't. I missed the kids, and I missed my husband. This solves a lot. It's going to be tough, because right now the kiddos want to be around me constantly since it's so new and amazing for mom to be at home. I'm working it out though, and we are going to make it work, as Tim Gunn would say.
So, please pray for my sanity, and for my kids to feel loved and attended to despite my work. This is a wonderful blessing and I feel overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity.


Miss W said...

I'm so happy for you!

Geidlbots said...

Yea!!! So glad this is finally working out for you. Oh, by the way...I forgot about the charity auction thing...when is that? I'm up to my ears in projects, but I might be able to swing it. I just fear I've missed the deadline.

Can said...

Yippee!! I'm so excited for you.

I just knew you were gonna say you were preggers...hehe.