I totally give up on the dream of posting more pictures. Some day maybe, but not tonight. The camera is dead and I'd have to charge it f...

I give up

I totally give up on the dream of posting more pictures. Some day maybe, but not tonight. The camera is dead and I'd have to charge it first then put pictures on the computer and then upload them here and so on and so forth. There are some cute ones though, for real!

I figured an update was needed anyway. So, my dear friend Rachel is back home in Arkansas and staying with us for awhile. It's been so nice to have someone to talk to during the day, besides the kids anyway. They are excellent talkers, but rarely are they good listeners! :) The snow last week made for a lazy week since Jason was home all week until they made him go in on Friday! Isn't that silly? Hmm, kid updates...oh we're taking Freddy to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live in St. Louis next month! We'll go see Jason's brother and our sister-in-law and sweet niece and make a big trip of it the weekend before spring break starts. Freddy doesn't know yet, so I'm really excited for the day he gets the "letter" in the mail! He's been a bit of an emotional wreck this past week with things being all strange and different. It's kind of like having a teenager, he's seriously slammed his door closed and screamed, "NEBER!!!" (This means never) It's hilarious but something I can't just tolerate, you know?

Adeline is moving into her big girl car seat. She went for her first ride around the block to check it out tonight. She hit the 20 lb mark and she's 13 months now! She still looks kind of tiny in it, but I have installed it perfectly and she is snug as a bug in there. Addie loved looking forward and waving to us from the back seat. It's absolutely insane to look back there and see two big kid seats! I had almost gotten over the sadness, but there it was tonight, all welled up in my throat. Addie is still not showing much interest in walking, but she has let go and stood on her own for .3 seconds at least 3-4 times now. I think this is progress. The amazing thing right now is how fast she's picking up her signs. She's been able to say "all done" and some strange version of "more" for awhile now. "More" has been tough, because it's hard to get her to do it when she's frustrated, hungry, etc. Now, she seems to say the words and sign"all done" . She is much better and putting her fingers together to sign for "more," but it's still inconsistent. She has been signing "sleep" or "sleepy" for a month or more and she is starting to put one finger to her mouth for "eat." My favorites that she's learning and doing really well at right now are "please" & "sorry." She is so cute signing please and has even turned it into her own way to call the dog or cat to her by kind of scooping her hand in towards her chest and patting herself when she wants them. It's really precious. Please and sorry look very similar when she does them, but she knows the difference. Right now she mostly responds with the sign when the word is spoken, but I'm thinking soon she'll start using them on her own...I hope because I'm tired of the point and scream method of asking for things! Wait, she does sign "all done" on her own, so there's hope!

She's creeping me out a little bit when I tell her to go find her cup and off she goes or I show her the sign for "pet" to be soft or gentle and she actually stops beating the dog! Don't get me wrong though, I can say and sign "no" all day and she just stares at me blankly or laughs. She can say "dog" and "taa" for cat. She's a pro at the steps now, it's just crazy all the way around!

Okay, that's enough of my kid obsession for tonight!


ainmemphis said...

Little Miss Addie is growing up! Such a sweet update, I forgive you for not having any pictures. Will you be driving through Memphis on your way to St. Louis or do you go a different route? although I am not sure if you will be able to fit this stroller in your car with luggage in the back!