Summer has officially hit the Allen household. We have been swimming 3 times now and I took the kids to S.P.L.A.T. (Summer Preschoolers Lea...

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Summer has officially hit the Allen household. We have been swimming 3 times now and I took the kids to S.P.L.A.T. (Summer Preschoolers Learning Activity Time) at a local church. It was miserably hot and I came close to death, because we walked there and then the activity was outside. I don't think any of us made many friends that day, because we scared people off with our red faces. I felt like an old woman because I was wiping my sweat off with paper towels and baby wipes the whole time. It was pretty sexy.

There are lots of swimming pics of the kids on facebook that Nana posted, so feel free to check 'em out sometime! I may get up the gumption to take pictures again soon, who knows?! ;) Oh, and Jason is finished teaching his first year of high school, woo hoo! I've been attempting to grow tomatoes, but I just don't know if they are going to do anything. It's been about six weeks now and there's no evidence of tomatoes. I started from 6" plants too, so I'm not very hopeful. My basil is doing quite well though, so at least I'll try making some pesto. I'm knee deep in crafts, a superman cape and Freddie's birthday banner. Only two more weeks until my deadline!

Keep us in your thoughts next week, as the trial for Freddie's abuser is scheduled for the 16th & 17th. This August will be two years since it happened and there has been talk of a possible plea bargain and now the man is trying to stall again by saying he wants to hire his own attorney instead of using the public defender. Talk about a waste of money considering they have been preparing for this case for two years now! Anyway, I have been struggling with this need for some time of justice as if our legal system is the great distributor of such things. I never thought I was vindictive and I felt forgiving, but I realize that I'm just not there yet. I have been able to let it rest in the back of mind thinking that the person responsible for Freddie's horrid abuse would "get his" and be sent to jail forever. We're looking at probably about 3 years of actual time served and that's it. Is anyone else disgusted? I just have to keep reminding myself that God forgives and has forgiven so much more than I am capable of. There is forgiveness and I have got to muster up the courage to ask God for it so I can give it back, lest I be consumed with bitterness beyond what I can carry. Like I said though, I'm not there yet and I'm so grateful that my sweet Jesus is waiting beside me, just waiting for me to give Him the load.


Geidlbots said...

Wow. I want justice to be served too. I hear where you're coming from. What he did was horrible, and I pray you will embrace the grace you've been given and be able to extend it to him. One beautiful and redemptive thing about the whole situation is that now Freddie is your son, in the best home possible for him. He will grow up loved and cared for and never go without what is really important.