I'm having a very hard time right now letting go of my kids in their own rooms. There are dozens of pros to moving Addie and Freddie in...

Letting Go

I'm having a very hard time right now letting go of my kids in their own rooms. There are dozens of pros to moving Addie and Freddie in together and dozens of cons. Right now the biggest con is that I am having an emotionally difficult time letting go of Addie's "nursery" and all of her girlie things and all the nesting and work I put into it (mostly due to knowing that I will not have that kind of time to individualize a room for Charlie). At the same time, Freddie's room is all boy and filled with the smell of little boy pee, trucks, trains, and robots and superheroes.

Freddie's room is bigger = more room for toys, playtime, two toddler beds
New room to decorate for both of them
Charlie's own space to sleep/not sleep for probably the first year of her life
A new nursery to nest in for new baby
Their room can be more grown up and have big kid toys separated from baby toys
Addie might do better in her big girl toddler bed with big brother there with her
Consolidation = more space to grow as a family into our home!

Emotional turmoil for Mom
Bedtime could be a terror with both of them talking/getting out of bed, etc.
Mornings could be a terror with Freddie waking up considerably earlier than Addie most days
The work!!! So much to move, rearrange, not enough closet space for both of them, etc.
The loss of individual space for them for timeouts, naps, etc.
Fear of supervision issues at night/nap time/boo boos, he hit me, get out of my bed, that's mine, etc.

Any advice for this overthinking mom? You can see that my blog has become more active free therapy for me lately, huh??


Candice said...

I think the two of them will have a really good opportunity to bond with each other even more once Charlie arrives. I'm sure that with any sibling relationship, they will have their issues, but if you look at the big picture it will be good for them. I think your cons are reasonable...but at the same time, with siblings it's to be expected. :D

Geidlbots said...

I"ve done this a couple of times. This sounds more like a phone convo!!! Call me sometime.

Jennifer said...

Steven and I shared a room for a couple of years when we were younger: I was 7-8, and he was 3-4. Looking back on it, I think it was perfect for us. We were able to play together, which gave us a strong bond.
I'll make Mom comment on this, since she was the one who had to acutally deal with us. I do remember at one time that we had to have separate parts of the bedroom. :)

Maryn S. said...

Sexist crap! LOL

Mary S. said...

This is part of the essence of motherhood, watching your kid grow into her own person and not being able to do anything about it. Otherwise children would be nothing more than pets.

by Heather Armstrong