I can't believe it, Mother's Days have been very special events for the last few years. The first Mother's Day of my "moth...

Mother's Day 2011

I can't believe it, Mother's Days have been very special events for the last few years. The first Mother's Day of my "motherhood" was the day I found out I was pregnant with Adeline. It was an amazing gift. I had woken up knowing it was my day to test since we were actively trying and on our first round of Clomid. I forgot that test morning happened to fall on Mother's Day. After years of negative tests, I dreaded peeing on that stick on Mother's Day of all days. It was stinkin' positive though and things just kept getting crazier from there! We spent that day celebrating with family and Brittany and Freddie were with us then so we both got a Mother's Day lunch at Mimi's!

The next Mother's Day Addie was about 4 months old and Freddie was our foster child. We waited in a huge long line at Loca Luna for brunch with Nana, Pappa Bob, and Robert because they weren't taking reservations. However, a huge group of folks were giving their names at the front and getting seated quickly. I guess that was on the "who do you know" list! Jason bought me a diaper bag I had been eying and an adorable dress I'd wanted for Addie and something else...I can't remember at the moment. It was a huge surprise though and it was just all very thoughtful.

The next Mother's Day Freddie was officially our son!! I was a real live mother of two and Jason worked so hard to make it an absolutely perfect day. We had lunch at Caper's with reservations and excellent service and the kids were angels. I can't even remember what my gifts were but it felt extravagant...I need to ask Jason to remind me. Then we took Freddie to his first ever movie, "How to Train your Dragon," which he found terrifying and spent a large majority of the movie hiding under the chairs! It was a lot of fun though and the day was just super sweet.

This Mother's Day I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and have my two sweet children to remind me daily of both the blessings and hardships of motherhood. We had lunch at Caper's again and our sweet Rachel joined us then I got a glorious nap and a date night to Barnes & Noble and Copeland's for a late dinner. Jason got me two beautiful painted canvas prints of pics of the kids that I love and drumroll please..........A NEW CAMERA! It will be making an appearance soon on the blog since my poor Sony has been near caput for the past year and a half or more! Church was wonderful, my husband was charming and kind, and my kids were absolutely themselves 100%.

So, this Mother's Day, I want to focus on those things that often go overlooked when we thank our mothers. Things that I didn't really remember or realize until I became a mother. Thank you moms for not minding holding chewed up spit out food in your hand when we take bites that are too big or tried a veggie that just wasn't what we'd hoped. Thank you moms for always seeming to be a magic trash can for all the paper, wrappers, empty drinks, tissues, and other goodies that we are "all done" with! Thank you moms for having purses full of toys, snacks, candies, extra panties, and chapsticks just to keep us entertained and prepared. Thank you moms for having what seems like 8 arms to carry said purses, catch the food, wipe the noses, catch us before we fall, carry us when we're throwing fits, hold hands across parking lots, and point to things you need that you can't find the name for. Biggest on my heart right now though is a big thank you to the moms that chose life, moms that chose love and sacrifice, to my sweet sister who chose life for sweet Freddie at the age of 15 and then chose life again when she voluntarily gave up her rights and asked that the court grant us custody. I have never been more proud of her or more in awe of her strength. No matter the sad and painful choices that led us to that point, she was given a chance to make another and she chose love and life for her son. I love you Sissy, and I will always be grateful to you.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!

Candice said...

Absolutely perfect!! I very much remember each one of those Mother's Days for you. You're one of the most awesome and awe inspiring moms I know!!