Adeline Elizabeth Allen 1/11/2009 11:56 p.m. 6lbs 14 oz 19 inches Somehow this tiny blessing angel baby has grown into a big girl. I mour...

Adeline is One!

Adeline Elizabeth Allen
11:56 p.m.
6lbs 14 oz
19 inches

Somehow this tiny blessing angel baby has grown into a big girl. I mourn each milestone for the loss of my little baby as I celebrate each new thing she can do and greet this little lady growing up before our eyes. She has truly taught us so much about patience and unconditional love for each other and her! Addie has such as sweet personality and she takes joy in the tiniest things that remind us to stop and watch her so we don't miss anything. Addie Belle, you are mommy's miracle. I wanted so badly to have you and hold you, and I prayed and waited for you for a long time, all the while scared to death that maybe I wouldn't be able to have a baby at all. God answered me and no matter how many years I'd have had to go, you would have been worth it! I love you with all my might, and I know I will hold too close, but someday you'll feel this and it will all make sense. All my crazy rules and worries, all of my fussing over your hair and wiping off your face, and all my hatred of any boy you meet, it will all make sense to you and I'm willing to wait until then! Happy Birthday, Adeline. She is precious, and no matter how much I love her, I will always try to remember that she is God's, and I have been given the gift and the honor of raising her to be a strong woman of faith and virtue so that God may set forth a beautiful path for her life and she'll have to follow it all by herself. I won't get to go down it with her, just watch from afar and cheer her on. My sweet girl, you will be wonderful.

Now for the birthday party pictures!

This is one of my favorites. About 1 second before she ripped the hat right off her head!


This was towards the end of the cake destruction!!

All the baby ladies! If you like it then you should'ah putta bib on it! :)

She liked the wrapping and the ribbon best of all!

Here she was today on a special trip to the park for her real live Birthday! She's so funny!

Happy Birthday!!

I'll post more pics from the party soon including the banner!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I just saw this post. I must have missed it you are blogging so fast :). Adorable pics and I love the one with all the babies. Again, great job on the party, you pulled it off and still have all your hair!!!

Pediddlepie said...

Thank you, now I think at least two of the three people who read my blog have acknowledged this post! ;) I have most of my hair!

Can said...

I swear I said something the day you posted about how she looks like she's having so much fun in that swing and I hope the weather is warm on Parker's party day so we can all take the babies to swing. Oh well...I had a blast!