This is my new blog/twitter idea. I refuse to start a twitter account during lent when I have given up facebook. I think that is defeating...

Snopes my Mom

This is my new blog/twitter idea. I refuse to start a twitter account during lent when I have given up facebook. I think that is defeating the purpose! Anyway, on to the idea.

So, my mom tells me things all the time. Sometimes I'm asking a question or for advice, and sometimes she's just in the mood to tell me stuff or excited about something new. Most of the time, I don't believe her. This is pretty typical for a daughter though, right? I've always been stubborn and wanted to "learn things for myself." I'm getting better though at giving her ideas a chance. Yesterday I sewed over straight pins. Other people probably know this, but Mom told me yesterday that I could pin in the zipper with my pins horizontal (I've always pinned them in on each side vertically) and then just sew right across them. I was skeptical, but since I had a few extra needles in case mine broke, I gave it a shot. VOILA, ZIPPER DONE!!

I've decided to maybe keep a log of things she's said and just let people Snopes them! I bet some are way too off for even Snopes. Leave me a comment on what you find out!

WARNING: MY MOM BE CRAZY SOMETIMES and the following information may prove difficult for the faint of heart, squeamish, or easily offended!

1) You can cook anything in a pressure cooker, including a whole chicken in 10 minutes
2) You can brush your teeth with bleach to whiten them
3) You can douche with bleach to prevent pregnancy
4) You can roll your own tampons with toilet paper & safely remove them
5) Racoons & squirrels can be tamed/trained family pets

Okay, your task is set before you. I'm certainly not testing any of these, well maybe the pressure cooker if I had one.


Can said...

Haha....I wish I had the courage to try most of these...just for your mom :-)

Miss W said...

#1 You can cook most things in a pressure cooker. It does cut down on the time, but I don't know about 10 minutes for chicken!
#2-#4 I have no clue.
#5 Family friends of ours kept raccoons in a cage in their backyard. They were cute as babies, but got mean as they got older. I wouldn't say they were good family pets. Maybe if they were better trained?

ainmemphis said...

your mom!

Geidlbots said...

Rolling tampons? Ugh. Sounds like it wouldn't really work that well, and douching at all is a bad idea since it upsets your PH balance and kills good bacteria--if I'm supposed to wear rubber gloves when cleaning with bleach, I'm gonna bet I shouldn't be putting it anywhere else!!!

LOL. Great post.