It is so beautiful outside today. The windows are open and Freddy even played in the backyard with full supervision since my bedroom/office...

Spring is in the air!!

It is so beautiful outside today. The windows are open and Freddy even played in the backyard with full supervision since my bedroom/office windows face the back. Oh, and Rimshot was watching him too. Kristina and I were hoping to take the kids to the zoo this week, but work has gotten in the way of play! :(

Just a quick update though, the new computer is in and I'm soon going to get a chance to play with it. I am eagerly waiting for news on whether or not Freddy got a spot in the Pre-K program. We won't find out until next month, but I did learn that he would have to wear a uniform. Can you imagine?? I think they have "casual day" on Fridays. Geez, what has the world come to? I'm also waiting on the Spring/Summer schedule for the Arkansas Extended Learning Center classes. I'm going to take a knitting class, and I am so excited about it. My husband is awesome to encourage this and be perfectly willing to watch the kids during my every other week Bible Study and now a Knitting Class, hooray!

Addie has taken one step! Just one little step and then bam, sideways fall. She is so wobbly but she's getting braver. She may stand for a second and look around and she is much more willing to hold our hands and walk with us. Any time now I think, but I'm really hoping before Easter. I'd really like sweet baby girl to walk around and hunt some eggs this year!

Oh, biggest news of the day. The remote for the Playstation 3/DVD Player works from my bedroom! Freddy gets to choose his activity during Addie's morning nap and it is unfortunately usually television. I don't feel too guilty about this, because it's usually is only tv for the day and I desperately need this time to get the bulk of my daily work done. Anyway, he's constantly coming in to tell me his episode of Spider Man, Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, etc. is over because stankin' kid shows only last like 20 minutes. Now, I can just hit play from my desk and he never has to interrupt me unless he is coming in to give me my "morning hug and kiss"! I'm an awesome mom, I know, you can save the flattery! :)


Kristina said...

You just made me laugh. It's funny how much we embrace the little luxuries these days (remote operation from the other room). I'm right there with you. Sad about our no go zoo trip but at this point I think it may induce labor haha. I have to hold out until Tuesday night when Jess gets in. So excited for Miss Addie Belle! It'll be soon now.

Geidlbots said...

You crazy.

I love ya.

Um...Lucy is still so stinkin' shy about walking. Almost 16 months and the most she has walked alone is 6 steps. I can't hardly get her to do that anymore!!! She's my child who doesn't care about anything that's important. I hope I can get her to do her homework.