Having children may seem like old hat to some, especially those on their third child. Not us! We are pregnant! Second pregnancy, third ch...

A New Adventure for the Allens

Having children may seem like old hat to some, especially those on their third child. Not us! We are pregnant! Second pregnancy, third child. We are pregnant and excited, anxious, grateful, surprised, a bit terrified, amazed at God's grace and provision, and happy. These emotions all depend on the time of day or way of the wind! So, my blog may be taken over for awhile with this new adventure of ours. Jason and I will look over at the kids sometimes and just turn back to one another and both of us are thinking, "Three, what ever will we do with three?! We'll be outnumbered!" :)

This adventure will show you how a middle class family manages to survive a second pregnancy, third child with no health insurance and little to no extra income. It will be a struggle but a beautiful story of God's faithfulness. It will be beautiful and I'm very excited to share it with you all.

Step 1) Praise the Lord!
Step 2) Immediately began taking my prenatal vitamins and tracking my calories and nutritional info on www.babyfit.com which is a free website by the same folks that brought us Sparkpeople! It is great.
Step 3) Started a yoga mama video to complete 3 times a week for flexibility, strength, and some peace!
Step 4 ) Applied for Medicaid after doing a pregnancy verification test at the Health Department
Step 5) Called my previous OB's office, hospital, and inquired about self-pay and sliding scale rates. Between the doctor's prenatal care and labor/delivery in the hospital this is running at about $10000.
Step 6) Looked into government options such as a new insurance programs specifically for people with pre-existing conditions. This is about $300 a month and has a similar deductible to most private insurance plans.
Step 7) Called a friend for advice on local midwives and set up consultation. This option allows for a homebirth with prenatal care through a midwife. Blood work, initial pap, and even necessary ultrasounds can completed through the Health Department for $5 per visit. The midwife charges between $2500-$3000 TOTAL. I met with Deb Phillips and she is awesome! I have an appointment next week with Mary Alexander from Birthworks.
Step 8) Tell friends and family, share the joy, and pray with a faithful heart that my God who loves me will provide for us and this miracle of life growing inside.
Step 9) BLOG! ;)


Can said...

What a fun journey you're about to embark on!

ainmemphis said...

This is amazing and I am so excited to hear about this new journey!!

Geidlbots said...

If you can handle your two and my three, three will be a cinch for you! :) Love you and SO HAPPY.

Tina said...

How exciting!! Look forwarding to reading about your new adventure! :)

Miss W said...

OH OH OH!!! Three of my siblings were delivered by Deb! She is great!