I can't really do math, but I'm going out on a limb here to say that we are being bamboozled on diapers. I have noticed this recent...

Diaper Swindlers

I can't really do math, but I'm going out on a limb here to say that we are being bamboozled on diapers. I have noticed this recently because I haven't had it in my weekly budget to buy a case of diapers in the past few weeks. I've been settling on the jumbo, mega, doowoppy whatever package of Pampers BabyDry that come in packs of 42 in size 2. They are normally 8.99 or 9.99 depending on sales/location/etc.

8.99/42 diapers = .21 cents a diaper

I always have some kind of a coupon and this week I'll get a whopping $3 off due to a Target coupon I have. So my total will be, depending on price this week:
8.99-$3.00 = 5.99/42 diapers = .14 cents a diaper
9.00-$3.00= 6.99/42 diapers = .16 cents a diaper

New Scenario
Let's say I were to be awesome and buy a case in order to save money per diaper...this is the rationale behind buying in bulk, correct?

Case of size 2's at Target is $44.99 for 228 diapers
44.99/228 = .19 cents a diaper
This is cheaper than the .21 cents a diaper in the smaller pack, BUT let's see how it stacks up when you add the coupon.

44.99-$3.00= 41.99/228= .18 a diaper

UM, what, is my calculator on this computer all jackity? If I used my precious coupons on a case to be more budget conscious, I would actually end up sepnding .4 more cents a diaper? Huh? As I said, I can't do math...but this seems legit to me.

It's the same with the advertised specials this week of 17.99 for jumbo packages. There are 86 size 2's in a pack for 17.99. With my coupons that is still .17 a diaper.

I know we're talking about pennies here, but imagine it. I use a 42 pack in a just about a week, which is because I am a horrible mother and don't change her often enough. That's over 2000 diapers a year and the pricing will just get worse as less come in a pack when she grows. We're getting close to savings of $100 a year by just doing some math. Take your calculator to the store with you and look a little weird.

I also suggest www.diapers.com because they give you a per unit price to help you figure out the best deals and you can send them manufacturers coupons. Use my code AMAN0974 and get $10 off your first order of $49 or more and get me some credit too. They don't always have the best deals, but at least they don't try and trick you! Use your coupons wisely and if you understand this mathematical phenomenon, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Gypsies! Thanks for pointing that out. I'm going to do some detective work next time I have to buy diapers.

ainmemphis said...

oh my! I am starting to get worried now, I was focusing more on the number of diapers that needed to be changed, now I realize that the worry should be in the amount we spend on all those diapers! maybe I can just wrap some old t-shirts around baby k instead like they do in the movies when a guy finds a baby and doesn't know how to change it.

Can said...

Hey...something I noticed last night: Pampers Baby Dry come 96 diapers in a box for 18.97--Pampers Cruisers come 72 in a box for 18.97 (both are size 3s) WHAT IS GOING ON!! You can guess which box I bought.