post!! I am going to post all of my pictures now because I'm a blogger dope and don't know how in the world to keep them from comin...

Sleep or Post....


I am going to post all of my pictures now because I'm a blogger dope and don't know how in the world to keep them from coming in at the top of my post. I hate it, so I'm just putting them all in at the top and I'll give you some narrative down here later! maybe I should post my pictures first and then build in my blog around them. DERRR!!!

Okay, prepare yourselves for this cuteness!

You weren't ready for it, were you?

This is an advertisement for yummy California grapes. .97 cents a pound people! They were huge and yummy, even covered with sand.

So, I managed to get one picture of them without Freddy saying, "I feee dowit!" This translates to "I can't do it," and is usually followed shortly by "_______ too big." Fill that blank in with whatever, Addie, his backpack, grocery sacks, anything that he just begged to carry.
Can you see that bitsy tooth down there!

Okay, now for the Western Wedding!

Aren't the kids so cute! I didn't get a good one of Freddy in his hat, but there will be some professional ones to come. I like Addie's face in the other one too, very dainty!

There's Freddy and his Uncle Ben. He was attached to Ben the entire trip and then I paid for it with the rotten terror that got on the plane to go home with me....that person being Freddy.

Me and my bro, ain't he so sweet? He got the same stankin' eyelashes that Freddy has.

Okay, this is not a good picture, but there's an idea of my mom's dress and do. I really can't wait to show you some of the photographer's pictures. Honestly, she really did look lovely and the whole wedding was quite nice. I will tell you though, I never want to live anywhere besides the South. A woman actually walked by me and said, "Wow, lots of things for you to carry." Then she walked over to her husband's car window and knocked on it. He got out, looked at me with my arms full and dragging Freddy across the street to the house and walked away. SERIOUSLY!! I don't have the energy to relive the entire trip, but I wanted to show you pictures that I managed to get with my still jacked up camera. I made it home and I didn't kill or lose either child, so I think it was a success!!


Rachel said...

You and your children looked beautiful!!! I'm happy you all made it back to the sweet south...want to see you soon!

ainmemphis said...

yay! Thanks for the photos and the update. Ben has really grown into a handsome young man, I am so proud! I am glad that you survied the trip and lookes like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Manda you looked beautiful in your dress. And the kiddos looked adorable. Glad to know you made it back ok.

Pediddlepie said...

Aww shucks, thanks guys!

Can said...

Louis made a comment that I'm not so sure I approve of...he thinks you look really good ;-) wonderful pictures!!