My sweet husband and I have been getting up at 5:00 a.m. [wait, the alarm goes off at 5 and disrupts my sleep for the next 9,18, to 27 minut...


My sweet husband and I have been getting up at 5:00 a.m. [wait, the alarm goes off at 5 and disrupts my sleep for the next 9,18, to 27 minutes as we "snooze"] Either way, it's difficult to go to work all day and then come home and cook, feed baby, bathe children, watch Jason do laundry and dishes from my nursing nest, and then find time to watch Project Runway!
This is all besides the suitcase in the middle of my bedroom floor that hasn't been unpacked, the huge laundry basket full of Addie's clothes that haven't been put away because her drawers are full of too tiny clothes that I have no place to put, the grime and nastiness covering the bathrooms and kitchen, the cat hair tumbleweeds, and the evil dog I had to bathe after he covered himself in mud while outside sperlunking under the deck. Oh, while I was bathing Rimshot, the cat jumped on to the dining room table and knocked over Jason's cup of tea. If you've ever seen our cups, you would know the tragedy that ensued. Later, Jason put Addie on the floor to army crawl (we're not to real crawling yet) and she knocked over his second cup of tea. This one was his fault though, but the bummer was that he'd just put all the dirty towels in the washing machine so we had to use a clean one to dry the dog, one to clean the dining room table & floor, and three clean dish towels to clean the living room rug. We created half a load of laundry!
Anyway, here I am at work with my eyes going kinda wankity as they criss cross over each other trying to read the computer screen. At least I got a new prescription the other day. Don't worry, it's only like -/+ blind as a bat in the L and -/+ gonna need bifocals by age 28 in the R. Do you know they can take a picture of your retina now instead of having to dilate your pupils to do some junk? It only cost me $28, but I'm thinking if I can avoid a wreck on the way home and those ridiculous paper cut out glasses's all good! Not to mention that I have to use this cafeteria plan money on something. Okay, I'm just rambling on. My camera is still out of order too, so no pics for now. Jason's mom got some at Freddy's daycare graduation, yes they have graduation for daycare now. He's gone from a grasshopper to a caterpillar...I really think they need a biology class in there, that's not how that works! ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh Manda, that is sad. But the good news is that you'll have more house time in the near future. Not that that means you'll be able to get any of the house stuff done'll be there more. Or maybe not because we'll be out playing avoiding house stuff as much as possible. mwhahahaha.

Can said...

It's good to know that you won't expect much when you come to my house. We're in the same boat :o)