Yep, the trial has been rescheduled again. How silly is that? November 16th is the new date, just in time for Thanksgiving! Goings on rou...

Rescheduled Again-Legally Dumb!

Yep, the trial has been rescheduled again. How silly is that? November 16th is the new date, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Goings on round here: Kids are big, Freddie is a nutty soccer player who appears to come down with a severe case of ADHD on the soccer field! Adeline is obsessed with her new baby doll that Daddy bought her. Obsessed to the point of fit throwing and worrying herself to death over its well being. Can you say, "overdeveloped toddler maternal instincts!"

So far, I've had no hits on my banners. I've sold a couple of my bows, well four to be exact. I used that money to pay a portion of my MOPS dues. I joined a women's group at a local church where I took the kids to a summer play group and I really like it. We're reading a book called Momology and I think it's just good food for my mom soul. Then I have a Bible/Book Study every other Wednesday night with ladies from our church that is a Manda soul feeder and just a great opportunity to be involved and get to know my church sisters better. I also joined the Women's Club of Otter Creek which meets once a month and hosts several community events. It's definitely not my normal cup of tea, but I'm trying to branch out and just be me even in a forum that doesn't always fit my style. I'm not a type A person, and despite my cheery demeanor (usually...), I'm also not an extrovert. Those personality tests always depend on my mood and I'm usually right in between one or the other. I just don't fit, so my decision is that since I don't fit anywhere, I can fit everywhere!! ;) I think its important for women to be exposed to lots of different types of personalities. I've know the Type A'ers my whole life and even chose a major in college filled with that type and often disappeared behind them until it came test or paper time. Then...I'm totally type A, like the type that better make an A! People who think they have it all under control need a reality check just as much as people who feel completely overwhelmed all the time. Nobody is perfect and talents are just as valuable whether they come for overbearing Olivia or meek Melissa!

What do you think? Isn't there room for a more reserved, shy, worker bee, with a surprise in every group? I've met a lot of women in the past year that surprise me constantly. I met someone who seems kind of, what's the word...mousey? Yes, that's it. Then, she opens her mouth and speaks brilliance and exudes confidence. I met one of those beautiful gals, super fashionable, high heels, perfect hair and nails, and then she's the most demure, sweet, and mild mannered person that often shrinks into the background to let someone else shine. I wonder how people categorize me, do you wonder that? We're reading The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg in our book study and I really love it so far. I would totally suggest it to anyone, especially those who feel like I do. I often feel that I don't fit and I struggle to be different/better than I am, but Ortberg argues that God created our personalities and gifts to be used in a perfect way. God wants us to be the "best version of ourselves" not of someone else! God needs shy people and followers as much as he loved leaders. God will not scorn us for failing to be meek if we are natural leaders. I just love the truth of it and the edification of the body of Christ instead of this often constant message that we aren't good enough, we should do more, tithe more, read more, give more, volunteer more, witness more, on and on. Be you, and be the absolute best You that God intended and created You for. Lovely, I say, lovely!


Geidlbots said...

What a nice birthday present! Nov. 16th is my bday! :)

As for all that about being yourself, I agree. Be who God created YOU to be, do what He asks YOU to do. Only then can you fulfill His purposes for your life and His glory!!!

Mary said...

Amanda, I have actually had people tell me that when they first met me, they thought I was "snooty" and "stuck-up". The truth is that I am a very shy person. I have trouble starting conversations with most people. To try to rectify these perceptions, I would often take on different personas who would be witty and out-going. That finally proved to be too exhausting! I'm still trying to learn who "I" am so that I can truly be ME.