So, this seems perfectly ethical to me, let me know if I'm wrong. On you can load coupons to your Kroger card...

Kroger Discovery

So, this seems perfectly ethical to me, let me know if I'm wrong. On you can load coupons to your Kroger card. Several retailers participate, but the only one in my area is Kroger. I've noticed a pattern that these coupons line up with several other sites like (which requires stupid coupon printer). It also lines up with which you may recognize from your newspaper inserts. In the past several months I have noticed, by accident at first and then to test it, that if you have a coupon loaded to your Kroger card and you have a paper coupon....yes you guessed it, you can stack them! Unfortunately, most of the lower value coupons on smartsource aren't eligible for doubling and as far as I can tell the ones loaded on your Kroger card do not double either. I need to test this again. So, basically, you are making up for lost doubling. Anything over .60 I think doesn't double at Kroger anyway, so if you find two for over that price then you are really saving some money.

There are several opportunities to use these right now, check it out.

BTW: I made my own laundry detergent last night. It is very exciting! It has to sit in an airtight container for 24 hours, but I cheated and took a peek at it this morning. It's weird. All the soap has coagulated on the top and formed a solid surface and the water is trapped underneath. I'm excited to get home tonight and stir it all up to see what I've got. I'll take a video. I used Zote soap in an attempt to replicate this wonderful smell I've noticed. It sounds horrible, but I've noticed a lot of Hispanic families and children smell so good, like clean linen and fresh soap. I googled this [insert shocked faces here] and discovered I'm not the only one who's noticed and found a few laundry detergent names. The Ariel I bought at a local Hispanic market did not work for the smell, but it was cheap and cleaned our clothes great. So, I also bought a bar of Zote which is specifically a laundry soap with a high fatty acid content. We'll see how it all works out, but I gave myself a headache from cooking up soap, baking Baking Soda to turn it into sodium carbonate instead of sodium bicarbonate, and mixing it all up in a five gallon bucket with some Borax. I felt like a chemist! I used this tutorial.


ainmemphis said...

can't wait to hear how it all turned out! I think if it works the next time you make it you should wear a lab coat and some safety goggles OOH and dress Freddy up too for a great photo op while you stir the soap!

Mrs. B said...

What I've noticed about coupons is that I can make money from them. More than once I have had a coupon for disposable razors that were more than the cost of the razors (because I buy the cheap $2 ones). I got the extra money taken off my bill anyway. Last week I had a 55 cent coupon for Reese's. I bought a 50 cent package, got the coupon doubled, and ended up getting a free Reese's plus 60 cents. I think this is really awesome.

Is Hispanic soap cheaper? I think the price of laundry soap is ridiculous considering it's just soap. I buy the cheapest kind and use 1/2 the recommended volume. I haven't noticed my clothes are any dirtier than anyone else's.

If you need any help with the soap-making, my grandma has personal experience. :)