I've decided to see if friends and family would be interested in buying some of my crafts. It always seems so crazy to me that anyone ...

Crafts for Sale!

I've decided to see if friends and family would be interested in buying some of my crafts. It always seems so crazy to me that anyone would want to buy things I sewed in my bedroom. Then tons of folks suggest it and I have finally decided to just go for it. I'd like to start putting some extra money back for the Holidays. Not necessarily for gifts, but for the extra groceries, goodies, decorating, baking, and outings like the Pumpkin Patch, The Christmas Tree Farm, hayrides, homemade fudge, cookies, stockings, oh the wonderful things that are headed our way soooo soon!

There are lots of things that I've made, but my banners have been the most popular. Here are a few that I've made so far.

Here's Addie's. It's kind of shabby chic, lots of girly colors but with flowers, gingham, and vine prints. There are several font options too.

This one I made for a friend's daughter and it is my favorite so far! I used more of a typewriter font and created a really clean stencil. This is more of a girly mod with lots of pink and brown. The middle space has a handpainted butterfly with the little girl's initial painted onto a wing.

This is my sweet Freddie's banner. It is adorable, lots of primary colors, some paw prints, and don't forget those Hogs!

So, for the details. I can do birthday banners and even personalized ones with names, just name banners for a child's room or even a dorm room! I'm also going to make some holiday banners. If you'd like a cooky one for Halloween or a Merry Christmas banner, I can do it. I may even try a "Welcome" banner in the front hallway! The banners are made from cotton fabric, each scallop is backed with a solid coordinating color, and the hangers are created using cotton binding tape. The loops are about 4 inches long making it easy to hang anywhere! The best part about these banners is that they will last and can be passed down to use every year. It's a very special, personal gift to give or decoration for your own home. I have loved making them. I got the idea from a book that I love but have created my own process and special touches to make them unique.

Banner: $30
Add a Name: $5

Just email, facebook, or comment here if you want one.
We can discuss the colors/theme/event, etc. I think these can fit just about anyone's needs! Thanks everyone, send your friends a link to the blog and I'll try and post more pictures as I get another one finished.


ainmemphis said...

I just knew you were waiting on me to finish mine before offering to make one for me! lol I so would have taken you up on that offer after all the time it took me! I will definitely send people your way when they ask about the banner again!

Pediddlepie said...

Thanks! Well, you know, sometimes when people are sewers/crafters you don't know if they would rather do something like this themselves or not. It's tricky. ;)