We are going to have another little lady in the house! I'm sure everyone saw on facebook anyway, but all the same. Here's the annou...


We are going to have another little lady in the house! I'm sure everyone saw on facebook anyway, but all the same. Here's the announcement, we're having a girl! She was not nearly as cooperative as her sister. Addie was spread eagle, head down, butt up, legs over her head the moment they peeked at her. This one was cross legged, stubborn, and feet down. The ultrasound tech worked so hard, and it's about 90% certain that it's a girl, but I guess she/he could have been hiding something really well! I think we'll have another ultrasound in a month or so because the baby was till pretty small and they couldn't quite see everything as clearly as they wanted. Otherwise though, the baby has a healthy little body. It was so good to see her and watch her move! It was very different though, because you really had to work at it to make out body parts and stuff. Addie was very clear, but we were at almost 21 weeks with her when we had the ultrasound. It's amazing the difference in size.

Oh...I met a girl at work who is using the same midwife. I wasn't clear if she is pregnant now or planning to get pregnant. We'll see. The best part about all of that is that she's perfectly normal looking. You know, she doesn't wear tie dyed t-shirts, Birks, hemp sandals, flowy skirts, nor does she have dreds or anything! She's just a normal gal, like me. She even commented on how all the doulas there have hippie baby names. Isn't that hilarious? We discussed how good it was to find people beating the stereotype of midwife, doula loving, home birthers! ;) I hope I get to talk to her more. She works in the houses, so we don't run across each other super often.

Work, work, work...btw it is hard! I know I'm a weenie, but man these past few weeks have been tough. I'm very tired and sort of mentally drained. Everyone has been wonderful, but I still feel lost most of the day. We're also implementing a lot of new policies and processes surrounding documentation, which has made it even harder to learn things. Did I mention that I'm still doing all of my old job duties as well? Yep, so like triple the work! I did go through my first experience of advertising for a job, reviewing applications/resumes, interviewing, and then hiring someone! That was all very exciting, except for the turning people down part. I really didn't like that part at all. Anyway, I hired an awesome gal with amazing references so I'm very hopeful for a smooth transition. I'm just bummed that it may be 30 days before she can start. Prepare for a dog tired wiped out, crazy loon named Amanda to take over this blog! Okay, off to help get the kids in PJs. I miss them so much. They are doing better than I am I think. Freddie just hates getting up in the mornings and Addie is still dog tired when she gets home. Luckily, Jason has started picking them up around 4, so Addie gets an hour nap and can make it until bedtime without so much drama. I talked to the doctor about it, worried that she was not getting enough sleep. She told me that all kids are different and Addie just may really need more sleep during the day, so I'm willing to help her get it. I hate to see her so tired and delirious.


ainmemphis said...

so excited about the news! I am also glad you found someone else to talk to about your midwife. I need to start refreshing my doula memory!

Can said...

What a small world! I'm glad you were able to bond with someone new. It may help with the transition back to full time if you two can compare notes on doulas. I remember that transition time between hiring someone and waiting for them to not only start, but be ready to actually work and not distract your work. Take some time to breathe and get back to blogging when you can :D