I am whining due to lack of readership/comments on recent posts. Although, that consists of like 4 people or so and one of them is out with...


I am whining due to lack of readership/comments on recent posts. Although, that consists of like 4 people or so and one of them is out with "twins" ;), some have been traveling, and another is just a silent stalker who bugs me when I don't update! Anyhow, I figure it's my fault for neglecting to update for quite awhile especially around the holidays. SO...I'm going to do better and see if it helps.

Baby news, I am officially stricken with the diabeetuhs...imagine Wilford Brimley is saying that word and you'll have the correct pronunciation. ;) It's just fun to say it that way. My midwife is being very cautious with me and I have definitely made the change in my diet. The worst part was the three hour glucose test I had to endure at the health department. That stunk it up big time. So, what's the big deal? I had it last time, right? Well, here's the deal. Since I tested positive for gestational diabetes I have to be seen by a doctor or nurse midwife and cleared for a home birth. This adds an additional hurdle, and if my sugars (which I'll have to be checking 4 times a day!) and weight gain do not stay under control then a doctor or nurse midwife would not be able to clear me for a safe home delivery. I think I've decided to go with Dr. Guy Henry at Grace Women's Clinic here in Little Rock. I've had a friend go to him during pregnancy and she appreciated his liberal approach as far as natural childbirth is concerned. The midwives highly recommend him, and my new insurance will cover him starting in February. I'd have to pay out of pocket to see a nurse midwife because my insurance company only covers one here in Little Rock (only two in all of Arkansas) and she is strongly affiliated with hospital policy at UAMS. Therefore, it would be slightly risky to allow her the final decision. The other that I'd pay out of pocket for has an amazing reputation and actually delivered a friend's baby at home, but that could be a few hundred dollars that we don't really have.

The plan for now is to eat right, try to get some good exercise routine going, and test my sugars 4 times a day until probably the second week of February and then go in for an appointment with the doctor. Surely if my sugars are all in recommended range then the doctor will be able to feel comfortable clearing me or maybe just following up again before labor. I still will have to check my sugars and be followed by my midwife and her apprentice. I will also still have to go back to the nurse practitioner at the health department after 35 weeks as well for a final examination, the Strep B test, and a final clearance concerning my diabetes. Lots of things have to fall into place, but there's no reason they shouldn't. It's all up to me taking good care of myself, so I just will.

Ummmmm.......we have our ultrasound on Wednesday afternoon!!!! We should be able to see if we're having a boy or a girl and I'm super excited both to see our baby for the first time and to start preparing for this new little life in a new way...with stuff! ;) No, I just want to be able to decide on a name, tackle a knitting project, dream up nursery decor, and be able to tell the kids if they're having a baby sister or a baby brother. It's just too exciting! Tune in for news on Wednesday! May I also say that this day brings some sense of hesitation in me, because I know there's always a chance that something could be wrong with our little one that we haven't seen yet. I know that babies have been lost before ultrasounds, heartbeats can't be found, and all that joy can turn so quickly into mourning. I'm not trying to be morbid, just reverent and aware. I have so much love and joined sorrow for those who have struggled with these things all the while I pray not to have to.


Jen said...

I totally understand your feelings about the ultrasound. I had the same mixed feelings. I'll say a special prayer that everything is beautiful with baby #3!!! Having three so close in age is definitely not as hard as I thought it would be.

How are the kids adjusting to you being at work?

I'll also be praying that things work out smoothly with the whole doctor/midwife/diabetes/home-birth thing. :) And I realize this is a bit late, but is Addie really two? Were you just kidding us or has time really flown by that quickly?? Both of the kiddos are just precious!

Mary S said...

Are you going to share the baby's gender with us, or is that going to be a secret?

If you continue to jump the waterfalls with your Connix,(spelling?)you won't be lacking for exercise. That plus the dance contests should keep you fit.

BTW: I love the new format. Birdies are all the rage today, and the blue background is great.

Rachel said...

stalker, eh? I can't wait to receive the glorious text from jason (because he will beat you again) about your beautiful MIRACLE baby __________.

Love your face!

ainmemphis said...

I had better be added to Jason's text list!
Sorry to hear about all the extra work, but you did an amazing job with the last pregnancy so I am sure you will do the same this time around. Here is hoping the doctors work well with you! I don't want to have to think about beating anyone up at the hospital again!

Can said...

Sorry about the "diabeetuhs." I think you're in a pretty good position right now though than you were before as far as insurance covers and everything else. I have faith that you'll get everything under control and be cleared. I'd hate to hear that Andrea had to rough anyone else up.

Can't wait to hear boy/girl on a super special day!

Pediddlepie said...

Yay for readers and comments, hoorah!! I will be sure and inform everyone as soon as we know!